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  • “It was the most marvelous tour – immensely enjoyable, interesting, informative, superbly planned and executed, and inspiring on so many levels.” (UK)

  • “Although we had heard of the wonders of the New Zealand scenery and gardens, your tour far exceeded all our expectations.” (Australia)

  • “You gave us the best short tour we have ever experienced, and we are looking forward to an equally memorable repeat on your spring tour.” (NZ)

  • “We decided this was our best holiday ever. We were constantly amazed by the beauty of the gardens and homesteads. New Zealand’s scenery and hospitality are incomparable.” (USA)

  • “I have just finished the most delightful week touring with Belinda McKenzie and a group of the friendliest people you could hope to meet. Every part of the Tour was beautifully arranged and the hospitality of the hosts quite exceptional. You can quote me to any future would-be travelers that they will enjoy every minute of the tour. I am so glad I saw the advertisement.” (UK)

  • “We've been to NZ many times, but never experienced what you were able to provide.” (Australia)

  • “Your organisation and timing was superb, you selected a wonderful variety of visits and the food was out of this world. Amongst other memories, I am left with a huge admiration for the young women who manage these farming households, their children, and their entertaining so (apparently!) effortlessly.”

  • “Of course I knew I would (enjoy it), because of how excellent the spring tour was in November - but sometimes one expects too much and it's not always easy for things to measure up. Not so though! Perhaps this tour even exceeded the previous one.”